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1943 WLA Harley Restomod Bobber

Thank God There's Harleys...   So, let's show them!

Pete from the U.K. sent us these photos of his custom 1943 Harley WLA Flathead Bobber.

Pete: "Here is my UK based 1943 Flathead Bobber. 16" on the back and 21" on the front. She rides well, built lovingly over a long period by a friend John. Much is still original but the Venom tyres and discs front and back makes it ideal for UK roads. The front fender was a shorty, but English weather gave way to the old trailer fender. Still no hand clutch, and a low sprung seat...."

Image of 1943 Harley WLA Flathead Restomod Bobber by Pete. Harley Flathead Restomod Bobber

Pete's 1943 Flathead Harley WLA Vintage Custom Bobber first had a bobbed front fender, but since motorcycles are for riding, and since UK riding means RAIN, Pete - for his own safety and comfort - had to make a concession and installed a slender front fender. We shall forgive him... ;o)

The application of later technology like disc brakes - again for safety - to a 1943 motorcycle make her a "Restomod Bobber".

For more background on Custom Bobbers and Restomod Bobbers, check out the Bobber World Lexicon of Bobbers and Choppers

Harley Restomod Bobber. 1943 Harley Restomod Bobber

Image of 1943 Harley WLA Flathead Restomod Bobber by Pete. Pete's WLA is certainly not a Bare Bones Hardcore Bobber. Extras like the light package, slender front fender and disc brakes make her a Custom Bobber.

1943 WLA Flathead Engine

Photo of 1943 WLA Harley Flathead Engine by Pete. Harley Davidson WLA Liberators were built fro the US Army during the periods 1940-1945 and 1949-1952. The low compression 45 cubic inch WLA military Flathead engine was designed for durability rather than performance.

Harley Flathead Motor.

End of a Bobber...

Photo of 1943 WLA Harley Custom Bobber Restomod Flathead motorcycle by Pete. Now, who wouldn't like to take this vintage black beauty for a ride over the old English country roads?

(January 2010)

A salute to Puppy DeGroat, wherever he may be:

Puppy DeGroat - AMT - Flathead Repair and Maintenance Specialists - Gulfport, MS, USA