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1942 Harley WLA Custom Bike

Thank God There's Harleys...   So, let's show them!

Allen from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America sent us these photos of his custom 1942 Harley WLA Flathead custom motorcycle.

Allen: "This is my second last Flattie. I even painted it myself because my wife wanted it to be the same color as the roses in the corner of our front yard. I think it came out pretty close. This one was built and ridden in Western New York, USA. I added a P pad, passenger pegs and an oil filter after the original build as you can see in the last picture. I have since moved to Las Vegas Nevada and have a different WLA custom. I'll send some pics of that one soon."

Image of 1942 Harley WLA Flathead Custom Motorcycle by Allen.

Allen: "The paint is candy apple red over silver all done with spray cans. She has a jockey shift, which is a lot of fun. The front forks are from an early Glide, the tires/wheels are 16" & 18", Mikuni carb, #6 after market heads have been powder coated, semi buckhorn bars, no instruments, sixty thousandths-over Gary Bang pistons.

I started with a frame, engine and tranny. I used what I could get and would look good to make a bike again. So, I guess this is more a Custom than either Bobber or Chopper. Kind of a spare parts bike. Took me a little over two years to build."

Photo of 1942 Harley Flathead WLA Custom Motorcycle by Allen. Features like the Harley early Glide front end - with the Sportster looks - make this WLA Flathead a custom motorcycle.

Image of 1942 Harley WLA Flathead Custom Motorcycle by Allen. The candy apple red over silver paint job that Allen did on his 1942 Harley WLA Flathead custom motorcycle combines very well with those roses!

1942 Harley WLA Motor

Photo of 1942 Flathead Harley WLA motor. The 1942 Harley WLA motor up close. These HD WLA's are 45 cubic inch low compression, designed for durability.

(January 2010)

A salute to Puppy DeGroat, wherever he may be:

Puppy DeGroat - AMT - Flathead Repair and Maintenance Specialists - Gulfport, MS, USA