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1941 WLA Flathead Harley Liberator

Java Man's Private Harley Flathead Motorcycle Museum

Agus "Java Man" from Klaten, Indonesia sent us a bunch of photos of his vintage Harley Davidson Flathead motorcycle collection, which a.o. includes this impressive 1941 WLA Flathead Harley Liberator.

Agus: "Full original accecories and all of engine and gearbox are excellent, they are looks like come from battle of world war II."

Photo of 1941 WLA ex US Army Harley Liberator classic motorcycle with 45 cubic inch Flathead engine by Java Man. For durability on the battlefield, the Harley Davidson Motor Company powered the WLA US Army Liberator by the low compression 750cc Flathead engine.

Photo of 1941 Flathead WLA Liberator Harley Davidson Classic Motorcycle by Java Man.

Photo of 1941 Harley WLA Flathead classic ex US Army Liberator by Java Man.

Photo of 1941 Flathead Liberator WLA Harley Davidson Classic Motorcycle by Java Man.

Agus, your 1941 WLA Harley Davidson Liberator ain't exactly a bobber, but she sure looks very impressive.

And for sure she looks like she came right from the battlefield, guns and all!!!

Terima kasi!

Actually, this vintage 1941 WLA Flathead Harley Liberator motorcycle is currently for sale.

For more information, email Agus: "rustantoagus at gmail dot com"

(March 2009)

A salute to Puppy DeGroat, wherever he may be:

Puppy DeGroat - AMT - Flathead Repair and Maintenance Specialists - Gulfport, MS, USA