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1940 Harley UL Flathead

Hank from Seminole, Florida, United States made available these photos of his 1940 Harley UL Flathead which is a true classic motorcycle.

Hank: "Here are some pics of my 1940 Harley Big Twin UL Flathead. I know it's not a bobber, you decide if it's right for your web site. Bike's been completed a couple of years now, these are the most recent pics. I do all the work in my garage (shop) including wheel lacing and truing, body and paint, mechanical and electrical. The only thing I farm out is the machine work (bore job, valve seats). Bike is ridden often locally. Hope you enjoy it."

Well, Hank, she ain't exactly a bobber, but she's oldschool, and she's gorgeous!

Photo of 1940 Harley Davidson UL Flathead Motorcycle by Hank. The extreme low-profile engine design makes the classic Harley and Indian flathead motorcycle the prototype of the lowrider.

Photo of 1940 UL Harley Flathead Classic Motorbike by Hank. The Harley Big Twin UL has the 74 cubic inch Flathead engine.

Photo of 1940 Harley Davidson Big Twin UL Flathead Vintage Motorcycle by Hank.

Photo of 1940 UL Harley Big Twin Flathead Classic Motorbike by Hank.

Photo of 1940 UL Flathead Vintage Harley Davidson Motorcycle by Hank. If anyone wants to discuss the bike or the restoration process you can email Hank at "elsinorecr250 at aol dot com".

(February 2009)

A salute to Puppy DeGroat, wherever he may be:

Puppy DeGroat - AMT - Flathead Repair and Maintenance Specialists - Gulfport, MS, USA